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CraigsLUST Games: Me & You

Recently I wrote a blog post talking about our process developing games for CraigsLUST, with a video of the cast playing Speed Dating during a recent performance. Another game we like to play is called "Me & You". This takes a format from many Craigslist Missed Connections where the poster describes him or herself, where he was, what he was doing/wearing, and then describes the object of his affection. Many times it seems as though it's a bathhouse hookup or a gas-station booty call, but there are a huge number of diverse subjects, locations, and reasons for attraction. Here's a video sample from the April Comedy Death Match:

CraigsLUST: A Sexploration

Meeting people is hard. Meeting sane people is harder. Meeting sane people on Craigslist is nearly impossible! Join us for an improvised adventure into dating, modern romance, and missed connections. Come see us, and who knows, maybe you'll be someone's missed connection… Your suggestions fuel the scenes. From the people who brought you 2013’s improvised version of The 39 Steps. In this show, we'll play some improv games and have some fun. Part of our show will also be a short original play inspired by your suggestions and the insane things people do on Craigslist.