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Rebekah Lane



Rebekah has worked professionally as an actor, motivational speaker, puppeteer, and movement theatre artist since 2005. She graduated with a BFA in theatre performance from the University of Central Florida and then toured the state as a game show host with MicheLee Puppets, Inc. With MicheLee Rebekah designed and built puppets, developed scripts and songs for original programming, and applied interactive techniques that engaged audience members.

Rebekah graduated with an MA in Communication from the University of Central Florida in July 2011. Her research focuses on Entertainment-Education and persuasion theory. She is fascinated by the power media has to create positive social change in communities around the world. She has worked on several projects with interactive design developer Jeff Wirth. She continues to participate in research projects as an interactive, improvisational performer through the Colleges of Nursing and Education at UCF.


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