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Rehearsals Have Begun!

We had our first rehearsal last night - probably the coldest day we will have for the next 9 months or more. Everyone was freezing, but some hot coffee and tea helped keep us warm in the warehouse where we're meeting.

I never thought it would be so hard to find a place to rehearse on a consistent basis, but I'm positive now that every show has to deal with this problem in a very big way.

Becky and I have had some great meetings about getting the structure of the story down, and we are starting to plan out our props and set peieces - we will very likely be building some boxes to sit and stand on, use as tables, etc. 

All of our marketing materials, our program ad, and our poster are finished! My brother Eric helped with that quite a bit - I owe him one.

Tonight was the Fringe at the Hard Rock fundraiser, featuring lots of dance and music groups that are related to Fringe. This event always feels like the beginning of "Fringe Season" to me, but now that we are doing a show this year, this is more like a big signpost that we are past the Point of No Return now. The program is going to print, the billboards are going up, my postcards will be hitting the printing press this week, and girls are dancing to the Mud Flappers - these are all signs of an impending Festival bearning down on us.

Nobody panic.

The 39 Steps

Richard Hannay, who appears ordinary, is drawn against his best judgement into a mystery. The police and the establishment are chasing him. A long-form improvised spy thriller based on the classic John Buchan novel, it's a different conspiracy every night. Hannay, the original spy hero; only his razor wit and clues from a dead spy will get him through this.