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Orlando Sentinel Review of CraigsLUST

Again this year, I feel like having the reviewers at the preview was worth it - we incorporated some things into our show based on their comments, and I feel our following 4 shows improved as a result.
May 15, 2014|By Tod Caviness, Orlando Sentinel Entertainment Columnist This improvised romp from Invisible Frisbee Productions isn't quite as ambitious as the group's audience-vote remix of "The 39 Steps" from the 2013 Orlando Fringe, but the improv games are still a notch above the usual. The six members of the cast take turns firing off puns based on actual Craigslist "missed connections" postings, or act out personal ads rewritten into "Mad Libs" nonsense. In case you hadn't guessed from those prompts (or the title), the theme that ties all this together is the uncertain world of online dating. The cast captures, and often amplifies, the awkwardness of a first date gone wrong, but the comedy was hit-or-miss at their rehearsal preview. Whether stepping into the shoes of a violence-obsessed virgin or a weirdo with an Amish fetish, Sheli Nathan-Miller and Nadia Garzon showed a willingness to "go there." Their castmates didn't always follow along. Kudos to the show structure for knowing when to cut a sketch, though. Apart from an interminable finale bit on the show I saw, "CraigsLUST" moves along quicker than an internet crush.

CraigsLUST: A Sexploration

Meeting people is hard. Meeting sane people is harder. Meeting sane people on Craigslist is nearly impossible! Join us for an improvised adventure into dating, modern romance, and missed connections. Come see us, and who knows, maybe you'll be someone's missed connection… Your suggestions fuel the scenes. From the people who brought you 2013’s improvised version of The 39 Steps. In this show, we'll play some improv games and have some fun. Part of our show will also be a short original play inspired by your suggestions and the insane things people do on Craigslist.