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Fringe Preview Show

On Monday we went up against almost 40 other acts to gain a minute or two (no more) of the most die-hard Fringe-going audience's attention at the Gauntlet wich is known as Fringe Preview.

Having never been in a show myself, I could only assume what to expect. I learned several things:

  1. The stage at the Margeson (Orange Venue) is BIG. We rehearsed in a fairly large space, but our last few run-throughs were in the studio (Red Venue) upstairs that was much much smaller, and the cast all felt like they were running.
  2. You don't get to watch the rest of the shows at Preview unless you don't stand back-stage. I suppose I didn't have to, but I am still pretty protective of this idea.
  3. While not having cards (save a tree) was fine, several people asked for one.
  4. Alternative advertising rocks. We saw a few shows handing out dum-dum lollipops. I made Ginger-Dead Men and bought some Bikini Advertising Space.
  5. The old ways are sometimes the best. Despite all the kickass technology out there, a 1970's era Compact Disc powered the sound for our preview, and did so just fine.
  6. A White Scarf does not register as a White Cat, no matter how well you stroke it.
  7. A Hunchback or a hobbling walk with a cane get a big reaction from the audience.
  8. Synopsising the show went over really well.
  9. While most theatre-going audiences think of The 39 Steps as a Broadway show, the Fringe audience kept asking about Hitchcock.
  10. Even with 3 cameras you planted in the audience, you may not always get pictures if you're busy watching the performance.

Thanks to E. Gilbert Photography for getting me a couple of nice photos!

Here is a video from Orlando Sentinel:

The 39 Steps

Richard Hannay, who appears ordinary, is drawn against his best judgement into a mystery. The police and the establishment are chasing him. A long-form improvised spy thriller based on the classic John Buchan novel, it's a different conspiracy every night. Hannay, the original spy hero; only his razor wit and clues from a dead spy will get him through this.