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Cameo Appearances

I keep telling all the other artists that I will use every trick I know to market this show. One I learned at a very early age from my idol Jim Henson was the use of Cameo appearances to boost up the story, and in this case, hopefully put butts in seats, and help to cross-promote other artists' shows.

We know 6 out of 7 of our guest stars now:

We have also made cookies, buttons, done previews, are booking time on the outdoor stage, and more.

One of the regrettable things is the nature of the show is that we have not been able to take advantage of all of the outdoor opportunities, like the Pub Crawl this week. Since the show is improvised, and long-form, it is hard to get the full effect in a short snippet. If we did a scene, it would just seem like a poorly rehearsed scene from a scripted show. For the Fringe Preview (or the shows show, as I like to call it) we did a synopsis of the show, but we did 4 versions of it to get across that it was a different show every night. People seemed to enjoy it.

Hopefully this spirit of cooperation with other artists gets us some good experience at the very least, or some extra word of mouth at the very best.

The 39 Steps

Richard Hannay, who appears ordinary, is drawn against his best judgement into a mystery. The police and the establishment are chasing him. A long-form improvised spy thriller based on the classic John Buchan novel, it's a different conspiracy every night. Hannay, the original spy hero; only his razor wit and clues from a dead spy will get him through this.